( DTF ) Direct To Film Transfers

Creating customer apparel or scaling your business just got easier! From Business owner's, Enthusiast, Do It Yourself, or Hobbyist. Direct to Film will help in personalizing any clothing or accessories you want. Press DTF Transfers on any garment(Fabric) with no limitation on colors or designs using Houston DTF Transfers. Simply upload your images or gang sheet on our website and our team will get to printing them out. If your new to Direct to Film click on Learn More and check out our tutorial video, we will be updating more as time goes on. Also Check out our social media platforms to keep up with whats going on!

  • Order

    Upload your designs with no limitation on colors or details and Houston DTF Transfers will turn them into a Heat Transfer

  • Ship

    Your DTF Transfers will be shipped within 24 - 48 Hours after order has been submitted

  • Press

    Press your DTF transfer at 305°F with medium to high pressure for 10-12 seconds and peel Hot or Cold


What File Types Should I Use When Uploading My Artwork?

Houston DTF Transfers recommends vector art and recommend artwork to be a minimum of 300 dpi. Preferred file formats include: .PNG, .SVG, .AI, .EPS.

Avoid using the following file types: .JPG, .PDF.

Do You Charge Per Color On My Designs?

No, Our pricing is determined exclusively by size and quantity. When creating your DTF Transfer designs, feel free to incorporate as many colors as you wish—there won't be any change in the price.

What Are DTF Transfers?

DTF Transfers, an abbreviation for Direct to Film Transfers, represent an innovative method of Heat Transfer any image onto various materials or colors, eliminating concerns about intricate printing specifications that were once a hassle.

Each heat transfer is uniformly printed using the same underlying layer. While there might be specific exceptions, the overall process remains consistent across all materials. This consistency offers reassurance that every heat transfer will adhere and present as intended, ensuring uniformity across orders.

With DTF transfers, there are no limitations on color range, color quantity, or order quantity. Unlike screen printing transfers, where selecting the right ink type for specific garments was crucial and small orders with numerous colors were cost-prohibitive, DTF transfers transcend these limitations.

Gone are the days of needing an expert understanding of garment printing. DTF transfers streamline the process, enhancing the profitability and consistency of your orders.

Can I Pickup My DTF Transfers, Custom DTF Gang Sheet At Your Location?

Houston DTF Transfers does offer local pickup and we are based out of Houston Texas. Once you have received a order pick up notification via email your DTF Transfers, Custom DTF Gang Sheet will be ready for pick up at your convenience

What is the minimum i can order?

No, there are no minimum quantity requirements when ordering DTF Houston DTF Transfers. We sale as little as 1 single DTF Transfer to bulk orders of over 1,000 DTF Transfers.

I don't know how to order or make a DTF Gang Sheet.

No worries, Houston DTF Transfers has created multiple tutorial videos within the website that shows step by step of how to build a Custom Gang Sheet on and off our website. We will also continue to add educational videos on our website as we progress.

Do ya'll print in house?

Yes we do! Houston DTF Transfers prints on a commercial grade printers in house. Shipped and distributed out of Houston Texas.